CanSyn  offers custom synthesis of organic compounds, including deuterium and carbon-13 labelled compounds.


Compounds previously prepared on a custom basis include:


        Kilogram quantities of dehydroabietic acid

        Bisphenol A analogues, such as

        BPF-13C12, BPB-13C12, BPS-13C12

        Deuterium-labeled analogues of DEET degradation products


        Carbon-13 labelled halonitromethanes (Br313CNO2) and haloamides (Cl213CH13CONH2)

        Various deuterium and carbon-13 ring-labelled monophthalates

.    Dimethylallyl phosphate (DMAP), ammonium salt


For quotes on custom synthesis, contact:

                                                                Ph: 416-978-7297


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